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Where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses (The Pew Research Center 12/14/11)


The 'Worm' That Could Bring Down The Internet, September 27, 2011 NPR Check your computer for this worm click here


How People Learn About Their Local Community by Pew Research Center and the Knight Foundation


In all, the organisation's Luxury Consumption Index, determining perceptions of the financial climate, stood at 66 points for the last quarter. This constituted a contraction of more than 16 points measured against the total of 82.8 points recorded in an equivalent survey conducted three months earlier. July 28,2011 Warc

The Architecture Billings Index fell 0.9 point to 46.3 points in June, according the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Any reading below 50 indicates contraction in demand for architects' services, whose revenue predicts construction activity nine to 12 months in the future. July 20, 2011 reuters


The Consumer Sentiment Index, which measures how consumers are feeling financially when compared with a year ago, rose slightly to 48.5 from the previous month’s index, but it continues to lag in negative territory. Senior citizens and households earning less than $50,000 have the weakest consumer sentiment. Northeastern states had the most improved sentiment, but were still negative at 48.1

“The economy is treading water and really hasn’t shown any momentum toward recovery,” said Ed Farrell, a director at Consumer Reports National Survey Research Center. “Consumers remain cautious, especially households with income less than $50,000, who have been hurt the worst and face the biggest stresses regarding jobs, unpaid bills, and health care access and affordability." more ...ClarksVille Online 7-14-2011

NFIB: ‘Poor Sales’ Keeping Small Businesses Glum, According to the National Federation of Independent Business' June Small Business Optimism Index, small business owners' optimism is relatively unchanged from May, still standing its ground in recession territory. The index dropped one tenth of a point in June to 90.8, driven down by expected real sales, the report said. This marks the fourth consecutive drop in the index. The survey was conducted in June 2011 among 3,938 small business owners and NFIB members. more... Fox News 7-12-2011

TIC [Treasury International Capital] Net Long-Term Transactions: China Net Buyer of U.S. Treasury Securities in May; Foreigners Net Buyers $9.26B of U.S. Equities in May; Foreigners Net Buyers $5.63B of U.S. Corp Bonds in May; Foreigners Net Sellers $8.26B of U.S. Agency Debt in May; Foreigners Net Buyers $37.95B U.S. Treasury Notes, Bonds in May; Net Foreign Capital Outflow $67.5B in May; Net LT Securities Purchases $23.6B in May; Net Foreign LT Securities Purchases $8.0B in May. 7-18-2011



An interview with Ken Fowler

14. What are the factors that make or break real estate investments?

"In real estate, there's only one thing you need to do besides buying at reasonable prices, opposed to being really stupid and buying at the top all the time. I call it staying power. Real estate will always come back but you'd better have staying power. If you start levering it right up to the ying yang, you get in trouble. If you buy a property for $1 million and you have $800,000 worth of debt in it, you can lose your equity real quick."

15. There's a lot of talk about a real estate bubble forming, particularly in the U.S. Does that worry you?

"Yes, it does. Everything goes up and down and real estate is a roller coaster. So I wouldn't be rushing out to buy anything. (Source Business Edge Feb 2, 2006)


American Express Platinum Luxury Survey Shows Wealthy Gen X Consumers Are Mighty in Luxury Buying Power, Spending More Than Baby Boomer Population (Source PR Wire June 7, 2005 )


Federal government spends $22,000 per household (Source PBS Nov 10, 2005) The 2004 median household income in the US was $43.318


What you need to know about how CPI is calculated.


"Domestic credit as a percentage of banking assets is high ... the US (164 per cent), UK (140 per cent), Korea (110 per cent), Malaysia (155 per cent), Germany (147 per cent), China (140 per cent), South Africa (167 per cent), Thailand (112 per cent) and Singapore (102 per cent). This not only means that the banking sector across the world is at higher risk, but also that growth in other industries which have been thriving on easy credit could suffer." June 28, 2004 Business Standard

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News on oil market
Check current oil prices

Oil Capacity to Outstrip Demand Until At Least 2010 (Cambridge Energy Research Associates June 21, 2005

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin, which includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, runs from June 1 to November 30 each year. In the eastern Pacific, the season begins on May 15 and ends November 30. Of course, hurricanes and tropical storms can and do form outside these time periods, albeit rarely.

Reasons for oil price increase:

  • Sept. 13, Hurricane Ivan crossed the Gulf of Mexico, a source for a quarter of U.S. oil, smashing rigs and shutting refineries. This increased U.S. refiners' need for importing oil.
  • We have a boost in demand from winter heating fuel needs
  • The world market has very little capacity, see story below. There are problems in Iraq, Nigeria and in the Middle East in general. Norway is pumping about 150,000 barrels less a day because of a three-month labor conflict (source Bloomberg Oct 15, 2004)

Fuel damage assessment from Hurricane: About 475,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) and about 1.8 billion cubic feet of gas per day (BCFPD) remain shut-in (closed). Of this 31% of oil production and 55% of the gas shut-in production may be back on line by the end of October. For the longer term, about 96% of the normal daily production should be back on line within 6 months, Oct 8 2004. (source US Dept of Minerals Management Service)

Is the age of oil coming to an end? Total global consumption is expected to skyrocket in coming years -- from 82-million barrels a day now, to about 121-million b/d in 2025. This increase would exceed the entire current output of all members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. (National Post)

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